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Top 10 Social Media Platforms To Consider For Promoting Your Business!

TOst individuals in the present have chosen to take the step and put resources into web-based application platforms to promote their business worldwide. This article will look at the top ten social media platforms to consider for promoting business. It will help you find potential customers and build a strong base for your foundation.

Top Ten Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Business in 2023!

1. Facebook

It should not be an enormous shock that Facebook is ranked number one in our top ten social media platforms. It has 2.41 billion daily users and is also one of the most downloaded and widespread applications.

2. Facebook Messenger 

The second application on our list is none other than Facebook Messenger. It is a part of Facebook and an essential messaging tool to connect with like-minded people online. 

3. Instagram

It is one of the recent applications that have become a part of Facebook. The same individual also claims this application. Instagram has 500 million everyday users. It is one of the most used and popular social media platforms.

4. Pinterest

It is one of the underrated social media applications. If your business fails, then Pinterest is the best social media application you need to use to grow your business. 

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is a great application for business owners to promote their businesses. Users send photos or videos directly to another person, but for business purposes, your story can be viewed by users within 24 hours from when it’s posted.

6. YouTube

The next application on our list is YouTube, which has more than 2 billion everyday users. It is a popular application to start promoting your business online. It only indicates that if you use this application, you promote your business with more than 30 million everyday users.

7. Twitter

With more than 336 million active people every month, Twitter is one of the older social media platforms. It’s a place where you find more valuable people compared to other social media applications. It is a great place to promote and grow your business.

8. LinkedIn

Out of all the applications mentioned above, LinkedIn stand-outs as being more professional and best compared to others. You find jobs, entrepreneurs, and startups that will help you grow your business and help you build your business into profits.

9. TikTok

The most viral and widely used application by youngsters is TikTok. You can promote your business by making short videos describing your products and reaching out to people interested in your products. 

10. Yelp

Refrain from judging this application just because it is not a popular or trending social media application. It is an essential application for all new business startups to promote their business and build a genuine customer base with legit reviews. Positive or negative reviews will help you improve your business.


The social media platforms that we’ve mentioned above are free to use and can provide you with all the essential features that are 100% worth your time, effort, and hard-earned money. Get more updates on business and promotions here. Happy reading!

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