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I am Anchal Tailor, and this is my story, a journey penned in the ink of experiences and woven into the drapery of words. Writing has been my compass, guiding me through the labyrinth of life for more than 13 years. It is not just a craft for me. It’s an intimate dance with thoughts and emotions, a passion that birthed AnchalBlogs.

As I navigate the intricate web of existence, my words are the breadcrumbs I leave behind, not just for others but as a map of my soul. Each sentence etches a moment, a feeling, a revelation, and in this vast expanse of expression, I discover the essence of who I am – The Real Anchal in me.

Anchal - AnchalBlogs
Photo Credit: Anchal with Daughter (Dhanak) and Pet (Peanut)

My Parenting Journey – From Anchal to Mumma!

My journey is multifaceted, a symphony of roles that harmonize into the melody of my life. I am a mother, a role that defines my every waking moment. My 4-year-old daughter (Dhanak), who now calls me by my name – Anchal- epitomizes innocence and wonder. Dhanak is the heart that beats within me. Motherhood is not just a title; it’s a continuous exploration. It is an unwritten manual I decipher with every giggle, tear, and discovery shared with my little one. Each day is a new chapter, a fresh opportunity to learn, grow, and witness the world through the unfiltered lens of a child’s eyes.

Parenting is a journey I am mastering over time, a dance with the evolving rhythms of my daughter’s growth. From sleepless nights cradling her in my arms to the joyous chaos of toddlerhood, I have been a silent observer. I have also actively participated in her life’s grand theater. Through my writing, I unveil the raw, unfiltered moments of motherhood. It also includes the struggles, the triumphs, and the profound love that binds us together.

Parenting with Pet Parenting…

Beyond the realms of human connection, my heart finds solace in the company of a furry friend. I am a proud pet parent to a 6-year-old Lhasa Apso (Peanut). He’s wagging tail, the soft padding of paws on the floor – the notes composing the melody of companionship. I have discovered a unique form of love in the world of pet parenting with Peanut. It is a bond that transcends language, expressing emotions through shared glances, playful antics, and the comfort of a warm presence.

Writing about pet parenting has become a celebration of these moments, a testament to animals’ joy in our lives. It’s not just about feeding and grooming. It’s about understanding the silent language of loyalty and weaving stories that resonate with fellow pet enthusiasts. AnchalBlogs becomes a virtual haven for those who, like me, find solace in the warmth of a furry companion.

Food and Travel… My Passion!

Cooking is another avenue through which I express my creativity and share my cultural roots. Indian and international cuisines are not just recipes but a journey through flavors, traditions, and memories. Writing about my food and culinary adventures allows me to connect with a diverse audience, bridge gaps, and celebrate global gastronomy’s richness.

Wanderlust courses through my veins, and traveling is my way of collecting stories from different corners of the world. From bustling markets in Marrakech to serene landscapes in Kyoto, each destination becomes a canvas where I paint memories with the brushstrokes of experiences. Sharing my travel tales is not just about recounting itineraries. It invites others to embark on their adventures, explore the world, and discover the beauty beyond the familiar. Read my travel blogs.

Like a mosaic, my life comprises various passions – writing, motherhood, pet parenting, cooking, and traveling. AnchalBlogs is the canvas where I intertwine these threads, creating a narrative reflecting my existence’s eclectic embroidery. As I continue to write my story, I invite others to join me in this exploration, to find resonance in the shared moments. Discover the beauty that resides in the ordinary and the extraordinary alike. You may get in touch with me for questions and queries: