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Dogs & Kids, How To Keep Them Safe And Happy?

Dogs and children can enjoy each other’s company and have an excellent relationship. A family with pets, for this need to train their dogs to have a harmonious home. It takes time, patience, and training to achieve this goal.

I grew up in a family with pets; hence, I am a pet parent too. My dog, Peanut, gets along excellently with my three-year-old daughter and shows utmost compassion towards her like no other does. He is very protective of her too. A few tips on pet parenting can help you ace this game.

For Family with Pets: Tips to Keep Your Dogs & Kids Safe and Happy!

In this article, we will look at tips that will help you keep your child and dog safe and happy together.

1. Supervision

Kids, especially the younger ones, need to be supervised around the dog. Any tumble by accident or rough play could result in fatal injury or defensive growling. The dog might even bite or snap out of his mind.

2. Teaching proper etiquette

Families with dogs need to teach their dogs proper manners to ensure their kids remain safe around the dog. Children must be encouraged to play calmly with their dogs to avoid hazards. All the basic etiquette should be taught to your dog.

3. Prize for good behavior

For all new pet owners, if you find it challenging to handle a dog, try positive reinforcement, which can be in the form of playing, treats, or affection. If the dog is rewarded for good behavior, it is more likely to continue behaving in this manner.

4. Admire your dog

Not every dog likes the company of a child. So try not to force him to like the company of a kid because it could result in negative consequences. If first-time pet owners find it hard to deal with this problem, you can try to admire your dog.

5. Request permission

Dogs not only bite strangers, but they bite family members too. So, if your child approaches someone else’s or a family dog, they should first ask permission if they can do so or not before approaching them.

6. Keeping a safe distance

Some canines do not love to have someone’s face in their face because it is a sign of threat to a dog, so to avoid any fatal consequence, try keeping a safe distance from your dog, especially the young ones.

7. Food interruptions

Canines should not be approached while meals, especially in their food bowl. Dogs bark or growl if someone interrupts them between their meals, especially the new ones.

8. Sharing stuff

Some dogs don’t like to share any of their stuff with their family members. If the dog is not a long-time family pet, children should wait for the dog to bring the stuff to him when they play together.

9. Personal space

Just like humans, sometimes dogs need personal space too. If the dog keeps a distance from the family, it may indicate that the canine is stressed or anxious, so respect their personal space.

10. Deceptive signs

Signs indicated by dogs towards strangers or family may not always mean the same, so be aware of such misleading signs.

Are you a family with pets?

All the tips mentioned above are some of the best ones to avoid any critical injury or accident. If you are a family with pets struggling between kids and dogs, then these tips will surely help. Stay tuned for more updates on pet parenting and toddlerhood.

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